5 Crazy Tips to Beat your Competitor

When we participate in a competition, we always try to present our best skills and give our 100% effort. But, Is that enough to make your position stronger in a competition? Because, day by day in every stage competition is becoming tougher and isn’t it great to look for few extra opportunities you can grab in order to make your position stronger! What do you think about your competitors in a competition? 

Have you ever thought, how important role your competitors play for you throughout the competition? Don’t you believe me? In this blog, I am going to write 5 quick tips that can help you to gain a little bit more advantages over your competitors. Like we always say, hard work + smart work can lead you to success.

Tips to beat your competitors

Here, I am going to pick a scenario of a competition in which every participant/ non-participant will be able to see each other’s works or performances or entries.

#1. Always Keep a Close Eye on Your Competitors:

Never underestimate your competitors. Everyone has a set of unique skills and knowledge.  You should never think that you are the best and no one can beat you in the competition.  Confidence is good , but overconfidence can be very harmful. Always keep observing your competitors’ performances or their working patterns. Analyze etries of others’ and shortlist several both good and bad points from every entry.

If you have noticed any mistake, then note it in a bold letter (or highlight it). Because, you can’t afford to repeat the same mistake as your competitors did. As it’s a competition,  you can play a bit smart by not pointing out the mistakes of others. If you are telling your competitors about their mistakes, they may rectify that and that’s a negative point for you. Sometimes it’s okay to work in your favour instead of doing what is ethically right.

#2. Don't Hesitate to Learn From Your Competitors:

First of all keep aside your ego of not following others path and making your own. If you are being served all the good points on a plate (after filtering the unnecessary ones), then what’s the point of hesitating? Similarly, when you see some of your competitors have submitted great piece of work, Go through it thoroughly and learn their presentation style, depth of research and anything you find interesting. You can even use all those in a creative way in your work. 

#3. Improvise Your Work based on Your Competitors' Mistakes:

If you know what are the mistakes that others have made simply by observing all competitors’ entries and viewers feedbacks, then make that opportunity count. Don’t repeat those same mistakes. So, you are getting a chance to Improvise your work several times before the actual deadline. 

#4. Never Rush(if the challenge is not time based):

I have always seen people making this mistake. They don’t understand which task is time based and which is not. A time based task is a task in which you get rewards or advantages by submitting your works as fast as you can. If that’s the case, you have to rush and submit your entry as soon as possible. But, if you have a fixed deadline and you don’t gain any extra points for submitting your work much before the deadline, then what is the need to rush. Utilize the full time provided to you. Wait a bit, do thorough research about the work , observe how others are presenting and make it as perfect as you can before submitting. 

#5. Never Show Your Card to Your Competitors till the Last Moment:

When you are in a competition, it’s not all about how many advantages you get over your competitors. Apart from that, how many less advantages your competitors have is also a deciding factor. After preparing your work ready for submission, wait for the deadline to come close. Submit it before a few hours of deadline closing time. When you are submitting before a few hours of deadline, there is very less probability that your competitors will go through your work and gain any advantage out of it. Some people who haven’t submitted their entries can view your submission. Still in that case, 90% of participants who have already submitted their entries, can’t take any advantage from yours.

Last few lines:

I hope, this quick tips will help you to get a little bit more advantages in competition. Thanks for read our post. If you find this post interesting, please like and share. Please drop your suggestions in the comment section. 

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