Basic Properties of Planets in Solar System


More than a four billion years past a star was from a gas cloud, called Nebula. once four billion years associate intelligent metal money of human name that star Sun.

Sun is currently the sole understand star to host a planet upon that life will survive and flourish. Sun host varied alternative planets too. Some planets area unit as tiny as our moon and a few area unit tagged as failing stars.



Mercury is that the nearest planet to sun and conjointly the 2d hottest planet. should|you want to|you need to} have thought that since it’s the nearest to sun it must be the most popular too, however this can be not what reality is.

It is as a result of Low Mass of mercury. as a result of it Low Mass there’s terribly low gravity on that as a result of that there’s terribly skinny atmosphere on its surface.

Since there’s terribly skinny atmosphere most of the energy that reaches mercuries surface is mirrored back in house so creating not as hot as you think that.



Venus, 2d planets from sun and conjointly the most popular one too. Venus is sort of capable earth once it’s return to size. Venus is that the solely alternative planet beside earth that is geologically active.

Since Venus virtually capable earth in terms of mass and size it’s managed to possess an environment that is even thicker than Earth, which thick atmosphere of Venus makes traps most of energy falling on that so creating it the most popular planet within the scheme.


Earth is incredibly special planet not solely in scheme however within the whole best-known universe, since it’s the sole planet understand to possess life on that.

Earth is that the first planet from sun to host its own natural satellite named Roman deity or Selene or additional unremarkably called simply Moon.

Earth conjointly one in every of the sole 2 planets that area unit geologically active. it’s conjointly a planet that have a full of life force field that saves the lives living on earth from star winds.


Mars the fourth plants in sun’s assortment planet and conjointly the simplest candidate to support life in so much future. Mars is that the planet that humanity managed to gather most information concerning once earth.

It is believed that mars at some purpose in past had liquid water and an environment, however as a result of it low gravity and vasoconstrictor that atmosphere visited house and water froze in to ice.


Jupiter is clearly one in every of the foremost fascinating, if not the foremost fascinating planet, of the scheme.

It is the first superior planet from the sun and host the 2d most numbers of moon in our scheme. four its massive moons area unit called Galilean moon.

Jupiter is therefore massive in size that usually referred because the failing star. massive is large size it doesn’t revolve around instead sun and Jupiter each revolve around a typical purpose simply outside of sun.


Saturn is considered the foremost stunning planet of the scheme as a result of its ring. it’s the sixth planets from sun and is known for hosting the foremost numbers of moon.

One of its moon is titan, that name you want to have detected, since it’s the sole best-known astronomical body besides earth in out star to possess oceans, large integer those oceans area unit created from alkane series gas.


Uranus, the seventh planet from sun is known for its off-the-wall tilt of 98deg. It conjointly hosts varied numbers of moon and have a hoop system rather like Saturn, large integer its ring isn’t as sturdy as Saturn’s.


Neptune, the last planet from the sun is additionally the coldest one within the scheme. It conjointly hosts varied numbers of moon and even have a hoop.

One its moon named Triton {is famous|is legendary|is understandn} among person as a result of it’s the sole know satellite to orbit a planet in wrong way of planets rotation.


These were some the essential data concerning the planets of scheme. loads of knowledge were excluded to stay this text however these planets area unit weird and interesting. One will pay his whole finding out a planet still won’t understand all of the items concerning it.

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