Digitalization-a boon to be proud of or a curse to be thought about

Digitalization is the process where a handwritten material is converted to electronic material. Not only 100 but also photographs voices can also be converted into something .This takes place through computer. This is the process  in which everything is led in no matter whatever it is it can be a virus as well. A person wants to convert a paper then that person can look into Google and take a print.

Print is also found in Google the print option is available in Google for example the movie Avatar was the highest crossing films of its time this happened due to computer graphics and animations. In India the uses of internet are around 56 crore. And digitalization assess special process where all lights come out or all viruses come out. The movie government when came to power it claim that it will make India a digital India. This is proven to be true in today’s time India has become partially cashless. Indian people are the only people who spend most of the time in social media. India is moving towards digitalization in a very rapid speed. Norman can wait Indians in digitalization in today’s time. Economics education politics employment etc has become digital everything is available online. Not only this but also banking has become digital banks like SBI has yono(you only need one) and many since banks have become online

Not honey cities but also villages have become digitalized. Economics politics and many search results come online. It is believed that government will provide 6-6.5 crores of employment. Not only in the field of health but also in the field of educational visualization has arrived. Can see it that most of the population are taking their education online and it will continue for a long period of time.

Children and getting their setting material in the form of videos. Just amazing has become internet of things.

Digitalization in India harai 2015. And then day celebrated as digital barat or digital India. Do I started by honorable prime minister. India has announced that for making India a digital nation it will contribute 75,000 crore rupees.

The development in India is put that digitalization has taken a huge step. Birthday and many decades as well there are until transactions taking place through this. Medicine deep web surface web and dark web surface where is the web where local people can access the internet. Dave is the web where Bank employees office employees can access our details and only they can do it. Not where is the most dangerous web where harmful videos drug dealings take place . It’s believed that the game the blue whale arised from the dark web.

There are many irrevolution takes place. In Andhra Pradesh smart ID card has been used. India is winning the new dimension rapidly. On digitalization in India he specializing in science and technology. Revolution has taken place due to this. Digitalization has become the new pillar of India. Egovernance ecommerce and many sense if facilities are available now. From the remote areas to corner in a city everywhere digitalization is available. Due to irrevolution when is Hindustan have been taken place. If this takes business or slower face then the variance situation can never be served, if it is solved then it will take at least 10 years to completely vanish the case. Initially the changes are taking very much slowly but now the speed has increased. The website used to crash down in every 2 minutes. But now sites crescent only when there is lot of traffic means only when there is increase number of users in that website. Visualization has brought everything in her ants which it relation has changed everything in our lives. Turn on the wheels people talk has changed like anything. Online businesses have been given a boost due to this. Nest RTDS IMPS credit card net banking etc the ways of paying through digitalization. All thanks to this realization that this revolution has come to India. If an India is a change this can come then in the rest of the world also must have been created. America Canada or Nations which are far ahead Dennis that is a whole lot of fear when In social media, technology or digitalization visail lot of things which are not even supposed to say and land up in a huge problem. Mediteracio come out anyway. During a time of corona in the year 2020 many people has two face are you lost. People living at a loser jobs to permanent but thanks to today digitalization new jobs of network marketing affiliate marketing have been created through a digital marketing or digitalization and people are even earning to their best level.

In the world it must have come in the 90s or it is but in India it came in the year 2015 and mind me dishization has one way I had of its time.India has bad even Indonesia in this matter. Digitalisation will prove to be a  big boon for the society.

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