Do Parents really Understand their Kids?

Understanding is the strongest brick in a relationship, whether it’s in respect to parent-child, brother-sister, Wife-Husband and the most important bond is teacher-student. The main bond that might directly or indirectly affects the parent-child bond is Teacher-student.


When we look into our own lives, most of the time we spent with our friends, teachers till our education. So here is the time we will be learning things like communication, attitude, some important life saving skills etc.  and of course education.


During schooling, teachers will be the guide to make us succeed in our career. I think sometimes and especially in some cases, teachers or our guide might understand perfecty than our parents beacause they see us like in a microscope, they understand our attitude, they get to know our postives and negatives in our lives.


Parents lives are directly impacted in the lives of their kids, as they are far from the reality during their childhood. They might think some unimaginable things to the parents, but imaginable to the kids. Let them set free from their unsecured feelings and thoughts. Let them think of their own and then see what they can do on their own. Encourage the child not only in education, beacause there are still many kids,fear to tell their parents what they think ether due to family situations, or financial issues. I don’t tell you to not let them know their family situations, they should know their responsibilities at the right time.


Things to remember:

▪️Time is the most valuable thing, spend time with your child, know their thoughts, their feelings, because no body is here to listen your kid’s feelings.

▪️Let them talk infront of you, please don’t build a boundary between you and your kid.

▪️Ask them what they like, and if you can, buy it for them. Surprise them with your chocolates. Because small things meant a large surprises in their little lives.

▪️Mental Health is the most important thig in our lives, and it’s obviously the trending problem in the world. Because most of the kids lack mental support and strength in their lives due to loss of parents, or especially in case of single kid lives. Give them your support in every thing, tell them that you love them. Yeah! we know that  every parent loves their child but not all express their feelings, when they are knowing things.

▪️Do not compare your kids with others,like any of their siblings, friends, relatives, neighbours, any celebrity. Because what the child is going through whether they are 10 years old or 20 or 30. Every child has their own talent n their own way.

▪️Ok we know that you do work hard for your child for their future, but know that you aren’t being with the child in the present.

▪️I conclude now, Parents really understand their child very well. But please spend time with the kids, because those are days that will be remembered by the kid in ther lives.


Design those memories beautifully. Teachers play the important role in parent-child bond. Beacuse the things shared by the parent and teacher will bring the beautiful changes in a child life.


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