Happy new year 2022 poem

Leaving the past hues of numbered days

And moving with some survival instincts into a future new

The analog ticking with every rhythmic heartbeat

Same in a Rolex and the same time with a homeless

Just a difference in sugar and salt created different cakes

The phones hugging each other, traveling through the virtual reality

With numerous emojis, a mask for the emotions too,

Some enlarged pupils looking to the cosmic sky

To love the old invention of shooting stars,

Some are close but not together and some are lying juxtaposed to it

It can be humans or even a best friend’s definition in pets,

Some found their new tears and some lost their old smile

Hiding under their exclamation of masks,

For their unplanned pain, it’s getting a burial goodbye

Someone with a cross and someone turning into the ash,

From the beer of the country roads to the red wine of urban laughs

From huge bitcoin heaps to peaceful slumdog naps

Everyone understood the demo course of an apocalypse

So we are all adopting a new, new year

Leaving the hospitalized dates and dressing a new one

Celebrating with incompleteness with complete hopes

Whether in a branded skirt or torn pant, everyone has a sapling’s heart

And we all are praying for the restitution of lives

And a non-stop rain of salving smiles for all the prayers

That may touch every living and dead heart.


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