History of Maharani Tara Bai

After the death of chatrapati raja ram Maharaj, aurangzeb thought that he had won the war against the marathas. But it was not so. Aurangzeb was winning battle After battle, but he could not win the war.maharani tarabai, capable wife of rajaram Maharaj, game forward to lead the swaraj movement in the extremely unfavorable circumstance.Contemporary Mughal historian khafikhan describes maharani tarabai as an intelligent and knowledgeable woman.here management of the army and administration had won renown Even during the rule of her husband.After the death of chatrapati rajara Maharaj, maharani Tara by continued the swaraj struggle bravely with the help of her sardar. Aurangzeb captured satara and panhala from the maratha territory,but at the same time the maratha dashed up to the mughals area of madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Expanded the war areas further. Sardar’s like krishnaji sawant ,khanderao dabhade, dhanaji jadhav ,nemaji shinde opened battles against mughals on various fronts outside Maharashtra. This way a sign of change in the outcome of the war.Maharani Tarabai fought for seven years she kept the maratha kingdom strong. She took charge off the administration singlehandedly and encourage the sardar to participate in the mission of Swaraj.Maratha sardar fought against the mughals up to sironje mandsauand malwa. Khafikhan heads recorded that rajaram’s wife Tara by too great things and displayed the the qualities of leadership of the army and management of campaigning it add force to the maratha campaign .This, maharani Tara by kept up the legacy of valour inherited from chatrapati shivaji Maharaj.Due to forceful campaign of the marathas aurangzeb frustrated. The Mughal Maratha quite had continued for 25 years. Still the mughals could not defeat the marathas. In these circumstances, emperor aurangzeb died in 1707 CE at Ahmed nagar.The marathah war of Independence ended with his death.this Maratha war for Independence was the fight between the Mughal emperors greed to expand his empire and Spirit of Independence of the marathas . The maratha emerged victorious in it. After the death of aurangzeb they led other in filling the vacuum in the political arena.The controlled the Thorn of Delhi. Ran the affairs of almost all part of Hindustan and protect it. Therefore the 18th CE is known as the century of the Marathas.Maharani Tarabai used the guerrilla technique very effectively. Marathas there comparatively weaker than aurangzeb in army power. Aurangzeb used his army to put seg to the capture them. Marathas used to fight for the four as long as they could. But when the rainy season approached, killedar off the fort pretended to the side with aurangzeb.  A bribe words accepted from aurangzeb and the photos handed over to him. The killedar used to deposit this bribe amount in the Marathas treasury. When aurangzeb repleted the wealth, Grains and ammunition on the fort , parabay used to capture that for again.This strategy of tarabai is Described as safe deposit locker system. This was the hole story of maharani Tarabai she was a great woman.

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