Independence Day: every Indian proud on this Day


Independence Day is one amongst the national festivals of Bharat.

Independence Day is widely known annually on fifteen August as a holiday in Bharat commemorative the nation’s independence from the UK on fifteen August 1947 the day once the provisions of the.

One of the foremost unforgettable days in Indian history is fifteenth August. The day celebrates freedom and independence within the true sense.

Because It’s the day on that the Indian sub-continent got independence when an extended struggle.

India solely has 3 national festivals that are celebrated by the full nation collectively.

One being the independence day (15th August) and therefore the
Second being Republic Day (26th January) and
Third Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October).

After independence, Bharat became the biggest democracy within the world. We have a tendency to fought terribly onerous to urge our independence from the Britishers.

On this independence day, we have a tendency to are about to discuss concerning independence Day. From that you will be proud associate degree Indian.

What is Indian Independence Day?

Indian independence Day is nothing distinctive except for Indian, it is a Life accomplishment award. If you’re an Indian then you reside your life during this day.

“This day is sort of a birthday for each Indian”

History of Our independence Day or History behind Independence Day.

The British Government dominated the Indians for pretty much two hundred years. The tyrannical British officers did a great deal of atrocities on the Indian.

The British Government continuing to treat us like slaves {and we have a tendency to|and that we} conjointly continuing to suffer until then till we were able to fight against them.

Eventually, the Indian individuals united and reinforced themselves and agitated against nation.

After a great deal of struggle and ups and downs, we have a tendency to got freedom. We have a tendency to get this freedom when losing some brave fighters.

We struggled for our independence however work inexhaustibly and altruistically beneath the steerage of our leaders Jawahar Lal Nehru, Subhash Chandra bose,, mahatma Gandhi, Chandra Shekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh.

Some of these leaders opt for the trail of violence whereas some opt for non-violence.

However, the last word aim of all of them was to drive nation out of the country.

After various freedom movements, protests and sacrifices, our country finally got independence on fifteenth August 1947 that was declared because the independence Day of our country.

Why will we Celebrate Independence Day?

To experience the instant and to fancy the spirit of freedom and independence we have a tendency to celebrate Independence Day.

It is conjointly celebrated to commemorate the sacrifices of our freedom fighters

This day may be a reminder that the liberty we have a tendency to fancy these days has been attained the onerous means which we have a tendency to should worth it in addition as create the foremost of it for our smart and therefore the smart of our nation.

By means of independence Day celebrations every year the younger generation is conversant in the struggles of the those that lived in British colonized Bharat.

The celebration may be a means of invoking loyal feelings among the individuals of our country to encourage them to remain united and work for its betterment.

Activities on national holiday

Independence Day is widely known with nice enthusiasm in several components of our country. Varied huge and tiny events Are organized in faculties, colleges, offices and residential societies to celebrate at the present time. Here are a number of the activities done on Independence Day:

Flag Hoisting:

On at the present time 7:30AM, the Prime Minister of our country hoists the Indian flag at Red Fort. This is often followed by twenty-one gun shots within the honor of the occasion. Flag hoisting is finished as a locality of the legal holiday celebration throughout the country.

Speeches/ Debates/ Quiz:

Speeches ar delivered as a locality of legal holiday celebration in faculties, schools and different places. Discussion and quiz competitions also are command in instructional institutes. Essay writing and painting competitions also are organized to celebrate at the present time.

Fancy Dress Competitions:

costume competitions are command in faculties and residential societies. Little youngsters are seen dressed up as freedom fighters.

Kite Flying Competition:

Kite flying competitions also are endured at the present time. Various vibrant kits are seen flying within the sky. This is often seen as a mark of freedom.

Sweet Distribution:

Sweets are distributed when flag hoisting.

Significance of national holiday

Every Indian holds a special viewpoint concerning Indian Independence. however, national holiday holds special significance for each Indian.

For some, it’s daily that reminds them of the struggle and sacrifices of the liberty fighters whereas for children it stands for the glory and honor of the country.

It conjures up the youth of the state to square for the honor of the country. It fills the hearts with the individuals with nationalism and that they are impelled to figure for the great of their country.

The spirit of nationalism is seen across the country significantly on this big day.

The Indian’s celebrate national holiday with a sense of nationalism and nationalism across the country.

On nowadays each national echoes with festal feeling and pride in the diversity and unity of the individuals.

It’s not solely a celebration of Independence however additionally of the unity in diversity of the country.


independence day a special and noteworthy day of each indians life

For me the simplest of all is INDEPENDENCE itself.

Independence Day is well known with Brobdingnagian zeal all across our country. folks of all ages step to the fore to celebrate these days.

Songs ar sung in praise of the liberty fighters yet as our land.

People ar seen dressed up in tri-colour. The sky appears filled with kites and there’s joy all around.

Though on 15Aug,1947 India got its Independence however unskilled behind it the terribly thought of real independence.

Our freedom fighters envisaged that in freelance India civil liberties won’t be curtailed more however the Indian democracy had some totally different conceptualisation.

This categorisation not solely distorted coherency of rule however conjointly engendered associate apprehensive ideology among the voters of India.

When we utter today’s situation wherever majority of the news channels ar either funded by BJP or obliquely controlled by it – the therefore referred to as freedom can not be mentioned any longer.

Anybody raising voice against BJP in any issue must embrace himself or herself for the future danger.

The murder of Gauri Lankesh,a daring and altruistic journalist, not solely shows however weak our laws ar however conjointly shows however power dominates over truth.

Today we tend to all ar here to acknowledge our privilege of being born in a very Free India and celebrate the seventy fifth Independence Day of our country.

We need to raise those born before 1947, underneathstand|to grasp} the pangs of anguish of being bond under a colonial rule.

For every Indian in those days, it had been so a Herculean task to fight against those powerful giants – Brits.

Those tough times and struggles should not be allowed to change state from our recollections.

Hence, each Independence Day, we tend to not solely celebrate our freedom, however we tend to conjointly pay tribute to those World Health Organization fought for it, to those World Health Organization control a vision for our country, and to those World Health Organization sacrificed themselves for a similar.

The idea of being associate freelance nation, wherever sovereign power lies with United States to see our future, places an enormous responsibility on our shoulders.

The significance of its stunning story is that this nation has gained respect from the globe for the democratic route chosen by it.

We can with pride say that India has ne’er invaded any country in its ten thousand years of history.

On this occasion, our thoughts flip 1st to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the person behind our struggle for freedom and also the martyrs World Health Organization created the supreme sacrifice for our country’s liberty.

We are reminded of the relentless struggle of our nice patriots World Health Organization liberated our land from colonial rule.

Gandhiji was seeking liberty from each foreign rule and also the autochthonic social chains that had long incarcerated our society.

Every alternative Indian was radio-controlled on a path of self-belief and hope for a far better future. Democracy offers United States the proper to measure freely as proud voters of a rustic.

Today, we tend to ar lucky to measure in one, because of the vision and sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

There is a giant celebration every year in Indian capital at Rajpath, wherever the anthem is sung when the Prime Minister hoists the flag.

Also, a salute is given to the flag by firing twenty one guns with the anthem, and flowers are showered via whirlybird.

All the forces participate in parades. In the end, we will not just say that fifteenth August is only concerning freedom.

This day could be a inordinateness of emotions, it reminds United States of the pain of being enslaved; of the strength in unity; it defines sacrifice, it offers United States associate example that some wars is won with non-violence and of all the items, it makes United States worth and treasure the liberty we’ve got nowadays.

It is our responsibility, as proud voters of this country, to sincerely perform our duty and progress along for the expansion and development of our country.

Keeping the sacrifices of our ancestors in mind, we should always take associate oath, to carve a far better future for our land.

In the finish i might wish to say this.

Patriotism or national pride is the sensation of affection, devotion, and sense of attachment to a homeland or the country and alliance with different voters WHO shared a similar sentiment to make a sense of identicalness among the individuals.

This attachment are often a mix of the many totally different feelings, language concerning one’s own state, as well as ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects.

It encompasses a collection of ideas closely connected to nationalism and mostly liberal nationalism.

“Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, however in attempt that our country shall be righteous similarly as robust.”

“India while not her troopers would be like God while not his angels.” “India is another name for chance.”

“Freedom is one among the deepest and noblest aspirations of the human spirit.”

On this Independence Day, i might wish to recite a brief literary work which can build nationalism aware all told folks.

Independence Day poem

India is a country to be served ,

And national flag to be waved,

Ask for independence,

But not to the trance,

Keep your flag pride,

To Be happy for a country ride,

Protect your colour,

Don’t let it be so duller,

I am so patriotic to rise and shine ,

By the end all is fine,

Goosebumps arise when anthem play,

But I won’t leave my country delay,

Leaders brought us here,

Youngster’s don’t let your nation down by fear,

Soldier’s slog away for our peace,

But we disvalue their masterpiece,

Responsibility is life,

Be a wild warrior for a strife.

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