The insight that unfolded upon me on the most auspicious 


chanting I submitted at the lotus feet of Gurumayi Swami Chidvilasananda

As human beings we are subjected to millions and billions of desires through all the ages of mankind’s existence on this earth. Great Indian religious and spiritual masters have analysed the human desires and have classified all of them into three principal categories. They are:

(1) that they should excel at all times and places. 

(2) that they should be in possession of all knowledge, and

(3) that they should ever be happy and cheerful.

Take any of your desires and contemplate upon them. You will realise that any human desire would fall into one or the other of the above noted three categories. These desires have been perpetrated through the history of mankind.

If we take any of our desires and observe it we shall find that belonging to one or the other of the above three categories. Every human being suffers from the anxiety and agony of these desires. Seers call them ‘Fundamental Desires.’

Interestingly, there is hardly a being who can accomplish all these desires in all his lifetime, do whatever he must do. But from the knowledge of ancient Indian ascetic  traditions we know the existence of great personalities who accomplished all of the above desires. 

Did they really accomplish or did they transcend through all these desires to divinity? The answer is the latter. But questions arise in our minds as to how these sages and saints of India could attain such transcendence while the rest of the world failed to have an iota of clue.

The answer is brilliantly simple and unique. It is the highly venerated and timeless system of their tutelage under a spiritual mentor who has transcended all desires to a state of blissful existence that is free from any desires. 

The word ‘Guru’ is a very popular word in India. The popularity of the word is even transcending political and cultural barriers. In our scriptures we have invocations chanted in the glory of Guru at the beginning of every religious or spiritual ritual or practice or ovation.

But unfortunately people who studied and practiced daily worship did not understand the true essence of the entity called the ‘Guru.’ It is no surprise. The Gurugita we chant was even unknown to the Mother of the Universe until Lord Śiva had explained it to her out of his compassion. He is therefore believed to be the direct image of the word, the image of absoluteness. 

We stare at nature, we browse through the pages and pages of history, we discover laws and rationale to what we are and what we do, we produce millions and billions of pithy quotes, we reflect, and contemplate to satiate our never-ending quest for knowledge yet at the end we sigh that we have learned nothing. The shadow of discontent overwhelms and sticks like the second skin.

Well if we can digest the Guru Gita for true essence and spirit it stands for we will be enabled with the blissful vision of the glory that this life fetches and releases us from all our kaleidoscopic vision of the dualities of the outer world.

And so I say we the followers have been so blessed with such an eloquent and accomplished lineage of Gurus and the Siddha parampara that brings me to this realisation today that we must surrender with all our heart and soul to each and every mantra, verse that is enshrined in the Guru Gita.


(I most humbly share among the fellow siddha yoga followers of Bhubaneswar Siddha Yoga Centre on this day of Guru Purnima…Shrikant Rath)

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