Open your eyes and see our Mother(India) is in pain

On Assumption, 1947, Asian country aroused from sleep to freedom. I’m proud to be Indian attributable to our country’s achievements in area and missile technology. Asian country is that the solely country wherever there square measure folks of various languages (22 languages), religions and race, however all of them live along harmonicas. There square measure selection in cultures, lifestyles, cuisines, atmospheric condition, scenic beauty, design, traditions. It’s made in tradition and heritage. It’s an excellent ancient civilization. Democracy, intelligence supported our high standards of education, our natural wealth, harmony, festivals, family, system, caring for the aged, service and sacrifice very create ME proud.

But this scenario has become wholly totally different, and has become dire. The thrill and pride of my heart square measure slowly obtaining lost. Why??? As a result of my Mother (my Country) is in hassle. She is incredibly unhappy to ascertain her youngsters behave like this. The riots between Hindus and Muslims, because of jealousy, anger, hatred, anarchy, cruelty, doubt, insistence, ego, mislead and lots of additional, square measure killing Her day by day. Will any Mother be asleep look 2 brothers fighting with every other? Everybody has born within the land of this country through same and equal approach, thus wherever was the discrimination between folks at that time? She has never tutored North American nation to try and do thus. At the moment folks square measure forgetting that they’re ‘human beings’ initial. Everyone seems to be blood-red it’s no faith no caste. God is one. He did not advice draw a line between the religions. These are not mentioned in any of the holy scriptures. Rather, He has tutored North American nation non-violence in each age. It’s we have a tendency to World Health Organization have created these religions and ethnicities. It’s we have a tendency to World Health Organization have raised the walls of war between ourselves. For ages, we have a tendency to square measure following misconducts and square measure being immersed in superstitions. All of those square measure increasing terrible distance between North American nation, as a result, ‘Sin’ is being created. Why square measure we have a tendency to forgetting that we have a tendency to square measure harming ourselves solely, losing unity day by day and because of these outsiders could get opportunities??? Any sort of wrong provocation of the folks will destroy the country. Once destroyed, the soil are going to be faraway from very cheap of our feet, shelters are going to be lost. Then we’ve to beg for love, happiness and peace. Whenever i believe of these pitiful conditions, tears comes out from my eyes.

Bengali author Sunil Gangopadhyay aforesaid, “It is man World Health Organization saves folks, once more it’s man World Health Organization kills folks. Humans square measure the reason for division between Hindus and Muslims whereas once more humans will erase the lines of those divisions”. So true. Currently, we’ve to create one another perceive that ‘Action is huge, not the Religion’. We have a tendency to square measure the sole ones World Health Organization will tie these broken relationships or ‘brotherhood’. These square measure solely attainable through love, kindness and religion. Chandidas quoted, ‘human is true specially, nobody is higher than he.’

Hindu, Muslims, Christian……..they asked; higher — lower…….some persisted; Gender……….was explained!!! And Mother nature mentioned in acute of her voice, “I created you human”. Thus, return lets amendment our thinking, take away all the hates, burn all the negativities between ourselves and awake our true humanity. Let’s get United. We’ve to forestall deaths from overwhelming North American nation. Save India, Save lives, Save blood.

Some quotes from our sacred scriptures :

Bhagavad Gita : “Religion suggests that path that connects Atma [soul] with Bhagavan [God]. There square measure solely four styles of faith as per Gita : destiny [path of work], JNANA [path of knowledge], DHYANA [path of meditation] and devotion [path of devotion]”

QURAN : “Islam teaches North American nation to serve folks with none discrimination in faith, caste, color, language on the idea of humanity. You ought to agitate the one that needs to damage you with FORGIVENESS AND KINDNESS”

BIBLE : “God cares regarding folks no matter their quality, status, and social status”

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