R&AW’s role within the 1971 War between Asian country and Islamic Republic of Pakistan

In the war of 1947, the brave folks and troopers of Asian country had given a message to Islamic Republic of Pakistan with their bravery that Islamic Republic of Pakistan may ne’er exchange front of Asian country in their villainous intentions. Despite this, Islamic Republic of Pakistan once more initiated the war in 1971.

As a result, Islamic Republic of Pakistan had to face a significant defeat and Bangladesh|Bangla Desh|East Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} became freelance and took the shape of Bangladesh.

History of 1971 war

Elections in Islamic Republic of Pakistan were control throughout 1970. during which People’s Republic of Bangladesh Awami League won an outsized range of seats. This party claimed to make the govt.. however opposition party president Zulfikar ali bhutto (party named Islamic Republic of Pakistan peoples party) failed to trust this win. therefore he started protestant.

Situation got worse and also the army must be used. all told this, tribal sheik Mohini Rahman of the Awami league of People’s Republic of Bangladesh was inactive. From here the tussle between East and Asian nation started.

During this point, an outsized range of refugees from People’s Republic of Bangladesh had come back to Asian country. The pressure on Asian country was increasing with the arrival of refugees.Even Islamic Republic of Pakistan had started threatening to attack Asian country.
So Islamic Republic of Pakistan attacked Asian country on three December 1971 to require out his anger.
The war lasted for simply thirteen days. it absolutely was one amongst the shortest wars in history. This war occurred from three December 1971 to the autumn of Decca (Dhaka) on sixteen December 1971.


Raw ( analysis and Analysis wing) is that the India’s premier administrative unit. it absolutely was established to cater the necessity for hyperbolic intelligence that was detected throughout the 1962 Sino-Indian border war and through the Indo-pakistan war of 1965.

RAW was introduced in 1968 to handle India’s external intelligence affairs.

Currently RAW operates underneath the Prime Minister’s workplace.

Role of RAW

When this war occurred, the RAW was 2 and a [*fr1] years recent. RAW had a team of skilled intelligence officers capable of in operation underneath cowl in foreign territory moreover as across the border within the neighbour countries. however still RAW was within the method of creating its feet as a full fledged external administrative unit.

  1. Arrangement and provision of intelligence to the policy manufacturers and also the soldiers.
  2. Raw trained the bengali freedom fighters in covert coaching camps.
  3. RAW created a network with bengali public servants from People’s Republic of Bangladesh those were announce in Asian nation. RAW conjointly framed up a network in pakistan’s diplomatic missions aboard With bengali public servants. the rationale was to steer them to co-operate with the liberty fighters and to assist within the freedom struggle by providing intelligence.
  4. RAW conducted a special operation at CHT against the sanctuaries and coaching camps of Kamarupan and Mizo enemies.
  5. RAw organized a war of nerves campaign against the pakistani rulers by disseminative reports regarding the massacres of the bengali in People’s Republic of Bangladesh and exodus of refugees.

It was an excellent contribution of 2 and [*fr1] year recent RAW at military science, Operational and strategy level. 

Kaoboys was the most heroes of RAW,  contributed to the success of the RAW in 1971.

For a lot of data you’ll browse KAOBOYS of RAW down memory lane written by B rahman.

Source :- Indian defence review and Quora

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