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I go to nature to be soothed and recovered, and to own my senses place in tune another time.”


Now we’d like to make sure that the management and property development of our PFE is fitly secured and funded.  Government have printed their Forestry and Woodlands Policy Statement.

Save Our Woods will still work with and follow the progress of state as they produce the policy to meet the guarantees created in their biology and Woodlands Policy Statement, continued to produce regular updates and statement.


Here’s a small insight into what happened within the fight to avoid wasting our public forests between Oct 2010 and July 2012…

Following the success of the Save Our Forests campaign to;

1: get Government to reversal on their plans to “sell up to any or all of” (Jim Paice MP) our Public Forest Estate (PFE),

2: have the biology clauses off from the 2010 projected Public Bodies Bill, 

3: clean up Government’s sham public consultation in favour of a correct assessment of Englands’ woods, trees and forests and every one the myriad of analysis and best follow case studies on the market. With a real and groundbreaking discussion between stakeholders, cross-sector specialists, professionals and policy manufacturers. Bottom up!

In response to our collective campaigns, Government committed to putting in place AN ‘Independent’ biology Panel to explore the long run of the biology Commission, all personal woodlands in European country and, of course, our distinctive Public Forest Estate.

Government didn’t feel they may embrace anyone from the grassroots to sit down on the panel. Instead they enclosed those NGO’s that hindered North American nation and weren’t a district of the Save Our Forests campaign (well, I suppose you can’t win them all!).

About sixteen months and nearly 1,000,000 pounds later, the biology Panel printed it’s recommendations to Government on the fourth of July 2012

Save Our Woods was glad to ascertain that finally the members that created up the biology Panel, and currently the govt., consider what campaigners have been fighting for right along, that our public forest estate ought to stay publically possession.  See ex-secretary of state King of Great Britain Spelman’s ministerial.

Plant trees, save nature

Planting trees is one in every of the foremost necessary belongings you will do to avoid wasting the setting. It takes regarding 625 sq. feet extent of vegetation to supply the daily gas demand of 1 person. Even folks living in huge, active cities will play a significant role in greening their setting. Here area unit some easy, cost-efficient that} by which you’ll plant a tree, and do your bit to inexperienced your world .

If you have got an enormous enough garden, plant trees, for they will cool your homes significantly.

Select acceptable plants to fit your garden and therefore the atmospheric condition. Your native nursery or husbandry society will assist you.

If your garden is just too little for trees, have plants and creepers instead. each inexperienced plant helps to scale back the CO2 we have a tendency to area unit lease out into the atmosphere.

Garden plants area unit higher than a field for fascinating CO2. therefore after you set up your garden, pick additional house for plants instead of for a field.

If your town or garden lacks water for horticulture, plant drought-resistant plants like cacti, flowering shrubs, etc.

If you reside in AN flat, grow a terrace or balcony garden victimisation potted plants.

Window boxes may be wont to grow little flowering plants that additionally increase the sweetness of your flat. attempt to use discarded materials to form your boxes.

Keep indoor plants within the house, they will reduce indoor pollution.

Compost your leaf waste to avoid use of chemical fertilisers.

Do not gift flower bouquets. Instead, provides a potted plant and encourage your friends to grow plants.

Start a tree planting programme in your space. Plant on roadsides, in parks, in schools, factories and residential.

If you see trees being hamper on the road, report it straight off to the involved authorities. Most environmental issues arise thanks to public apathy.

Make saving trees a private commitment.

Conserve paper, conserve trees, save nature

When you purchase piece of furniture, notice alternatives to wood. you may be saving a number of our precious forests.

Saving paper is saving trees.

Use paper fastidiously, compose either side of a sheet.

Save envelopes, recent letters and spam. Use this after you would like paper.

Do not use paper towels and tissues in menage cleanup activities. Instead, use recent towels, sheets and pillow case

Do not use paper plates and tissues or paper decorations after you hold a celebration.

Do not collect redundant pamphlets and leaflets simply because they’re free.

Use cotton handkerchiefs instead of paper tissues.

Avoid causation acknowledgment cards. once a year unnumerable trees area unit hamper for them.

Reuse cartons and wrapping paper.

Use recycled paper whenever attainable.

Start eco-clubs in colleges which is able to take up comes within the neck of the woods.

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