Seven Amezing Tips to be happy alone

if you are alone? if you are getting bored? you should try this amazing tips once.

How to be happy, alone in busy lifestyle?

The idea of being socially isolated, that too uncertainly, was something none of us had imagined. Over the past two years, nature has given us hard lessons so we learn to adapt and cope being alone. We probably understood the meaning of being alone, truly alone. Whether we experienced staying with our families in a restricted space or were on our own with work as our only support system, these were, without doubt, challenging times for everybody. 

Spending time alone is different from the feeling of loneliness. You could be alone yet find this me-time to reflect, become self-aware, enhance your mental wellbeing and do things you enjoy. 

Whether, voluntarily or otherwise, it’s important to like your own company. You might as well get used to it, start enjoying it if you have no other option, right?!

These seven tips will guide your journey into discovering/rediscovering a relationship with yourself to be happy:

Tip 1: Stop comparing with others

The onslaught social media has brought into our lives is unfathomable. Measuring yourself, your life against a virtual world is tantamount to disappointment, insecurity and feeling lonelier. If that’s happening, resist being on your phone constantly, browsing social media. People may actually be fighting battles you may be unaware of. Instead, spend quality time with yourself learning to enjoy being with yourself. 

Tip 2: Focus on self-love

Shift focus from relationships with others to a relationship with self. One way is to foster a healthy lifestyle by consuming a balanced diet, exercising regularly and maintaining fixed sleep routines for a fit body.

Similarly, yoga and meditation techniques will support in developing mental and spiritual wellness. Being in the present moment, without getting stressed regarding the future or regretting about the past, can be inculcated through regular meditation. By changing focus to getting fitter than your earlier self, you’ll learn to appreciate your body and yourself better. 

To initiate yourself in this area, go through practicing self-love.

Tip 3: Discover your passion

Doing what you love and loving what you do is a true demonstration of love for yourself. A career is not an end in itself yet it’s a huge part of our adult lives hence selecting a profession that energises and powers us is a vital link to our state of mind. This drive can continue even after retirement. 

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Tip 4: Pursue hobbies

Most of us have hobbies while growing up but these activities take the back burner when we begin college or start working. Revive hobbies for the pure pleasure that it once gave you. Reading, gardening, baking, painting, anything that replenishes the soul, makes you feel lively and energised. 

Tip 5: Practice being grateful

Be grateful for what you have, good health, food on the table, roof over your head, a job you like etc. We don’t realise and forget feeling grateful for what we have as we are busy concentrating on what we don’t have. Displaying gratitude is a powerful, positive emotion that multiplies the joy you feel within. 

Tip 6: Explore something new 

People are at a loss not knowing what to do during alone time. Put effort in finding something new that you may ultimately enjoy. It could be learning a new language, enrolling into a course, indulging in a new hobby, etc. Volunteering in areas that are meaningful to you, teaching kids, adopting a pet, discovering travel destinations are interesting options to explore that you may find fulfilling. 

Tip 7: Seek help when needed 

It’s possible that even after trying multiple self-care routines, exercising, creating hobby/gratitude lists, you’re unable to shake off that feeling of having someone in your life. Don’t wait for the situation to get into a crisis. Reach out to a therapist if you continually experience feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression. There’s no reason to believe you can cope on your own when in reality you can’t, hence, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. 

The crux of being happy alone is to fall in love with yourself, accepting your flaws and shortcomings. You may choose to undertake activities that enliven and rejuvenate you such as being with nature, listening to music, dancing; a simple watching your breath exercise also leads towards the same goal. 

Still, instead of eternally searching for happiness, learn to be content, fulfilled from within. Then, you’ll automatically attract genuine people and nurturing relationships around you. There won’t exist the need for someone or something to complete you, you’ll no longer be in pursuit of something beyond or outside to fulfill you – YOU will be enough for you!

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