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Here In this post we are going to know about some interesting amazing facts which you must know.

So here are the amazing facts :

  • Do you know that in cricket there were used only two sticks in the wickets which is replaced by three sticks today.
  • Do you know that previously there were 8 balls in an over in the cricket, which is replaced by 6 balls today.
  • Do you know that in Amazon jungle which is in Brazil in Latin America there were found more than 10,000 species of snakes.
  • Do you know that after 10 years there will be no underground water in Abu Dhabi.
  • We all have seen the rainbows which looks like from the Earth like a semicircle but do you know that it’s actually not a semicircle, it is a complete circle. Due to on ground we are not able to see its whole part but if you are traveling with airplane then you will be able to see the whole Rainbow in the complete circle shape.
  • Do you know if the moon were not present in the orbit of the earth then there will be only 6 to 12 hours in a day and 1300 to 1500 days in a year.
  • Do you know that the weight of the “humans” containes by the earth is equal to the weight of the “Ants” on the earth.
  • Do you know Jupiter have three times bigger Ocean than the ocean present on the earth and that ocean is of “liquid hydrogen” due to its higher mass and gravity of Jupitor  it occupies the liquid hydrogen in it.
  • Do you know Venus is the most hottest planet in the solar system while mercury is more nearer to Sun. The reason behind that is  Venus have the atmosphere of (CO2) carbon dioxide gas due to which it is hot and mercury doesn’t have any type of atmosphere.
  • Do you know that in the Bay of Alaska you can easily differentiate between two oceans  that is Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. They are not mix with each other due to their chemical composition.
  • Do you know that the weight of the soul of the human being is just 22 grams.
  • Do you know that world deepest lake is Van lake which is located in Turkey.
  • Do you know that the first camera was made in 1894 and the time was taken by that camera to click a picture was 7 hours 56 minutes.
  • NASA is making special space shuttle which have the highest speed and it can reach to the moon in just 30 minute.
  • All the astronauts who have gone to the moon till date, their footprints will remain the same for millions of years because there is no any atmosphere present on the moon. And due to the absence of atmosphere wind is not blown there due to which the movement of particals are not there.

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