Students Life With His Social Services and Politics.

             A Social Service is a service to the society. Man lives in society. He is called a social animal. As a member of the society he has to do certain duties for the society. Every one in the society is dependent on others. So, there must be understanding and co-operation among the different members of the society.

           Any work or service for the welfare of the society may be called social service is of wide range. It embraces many works done for the upliftment of the society. To remove poverty and illiteracy, to help

            Student life is the most important period of a man’s life. It is the high time of receiving education and training for future life. Students are future men and women of our country. Future of the life of a person depends mainly on proper education and training in student life. If they are misguided-defeat is sure.

           Student life is the formative period of a person . Students mind can be moulded according to the will of the guardians, parents or teachers. So careful measures should be taken for their future life. We should try our best to cultivate good habits. In student life, intelligence remains imperfect, power of understanding weak. They cannot judge what is good and what is bad. So the good guidance of the elders, parents and teachers are essential

            The first and foremost duty of a student is study. Students should study hard and prepare their lessons. They must be regular and punctual. They must respect their seniors and teachers. They should take care of their health. Health is wealth. They must try to do good to others. Students should help the poor. They should love them and serve them.

           Students are the future hopes of a country. They are the men and women of the days to come. They will lead the nation and guide its destiny. They should not be the burden on the parents and the nation.

           Students must from their character in the proper way. They must perform their duties in the right earnest. There is a saying that – money is lost- something lost, character is lost everything lost. So students must be strong. Student life is like the foundation of a house on which construction of the house is made.

          Man is an intelligent being. From the earliest stage of civilization, ideas and thoughts of politics grew in man’s mind. Now -a-days, many students are found participating in politics.

           Politics means active participation in political activities. Politics is different forms the regular subject of studies that is political science. Politics here means taking part in political affair of a country. It may mean taking out processions, organizing political mettings, shouting political field against the British rulers. In Russia, Hungary and some other countries too, students took part in political movement for freedom of their countries. Now-a-day students of every country are taking part in politics directly or indirectly.

           Participation in politics has some advantages to students. A student taking part in politics develops some qualities. He learns the art of speaking in public. He acquires the qualities to be a future leader. He is well-informed of the political affairs of the country. It a student takes part in politics, his personality is developed. He acquires the organizing capacity. He learns to be a practical man.

          It has a bad side too. It is a loss to students. Students waste their valuable time in taking part in politics. Sometimes it leads to indiscipline among students. In many occasions students become easy victim to professional politicians. Because of their immature judgment, sometimes they are led to reactionary political warfare. Active participation of students in politics costs lives of students. These are some of the evils.

          Students life is the best part of life. Their main business is study. Students having political trend of mind, should prepare themselves in school and colleges to be politician in future.

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