The Facts About History, Why We Should Read History

History is a continuous, factual account of the progress Of human civilization and human society. Truthful descriptions of the rise and fall of different ethnic groups are the subject of history. History covers all aspects of human society like social, economic, political, scientific, cultural, relegion, intellectual etc. We can build on the future with education from the past.In that case history is an important scripture or subject.

Why we should read history

Why We should Read History:

We read history to know the past and present of human civilization, and to find ways to improve the future.
There will be kings, their rules, wars as well as the common people, their struggle for survival, their role of the development, therefore it is very important to us to know when the history of the man made by man for came to this world. Yes, humans have appeared in the animal kingdom about two million years ago. However, the appearance of the people at that time was not exactly as it is today. The way they live was quite different from today.

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We read history to find out how that progress was made, how people used their experience to make improvements. Yes, humans appeared on this earth about two million years ago. Humans have come after all in the living world. And from the day when men came to earth, human history began to be made. The elements of that history are not exactly found alone. Yet the people of the time are trying to know the picture of ancient human civilization exactly. Anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians are working with great patience and care for this.

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