Top fifteen most important business ideas


Top 15 best bussiness ideas for students in india


1. Blogging: Blogging is one of the best bussiness idea to earn good money for students. For blogging you should have good content skills. If you are a smart person you can earn $2000 per month.


2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is the best bussiness idea for students which can earn lakhs per month if you put hardwork for 2-3 hours per day. For best experience and to earn good amount you should learn and work in plathipforms like Bizgurkul, the leads ark, leadsguru, the fastrick.


3. Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is a good bussiness trick for students or employees or housewives who want to earn 35k-40k per month besides their studies and full time jobs.


4. Network Marketing: Network Marketing is a best platform to earn good money depends on our hardwork. We can earn good amount working in vestige and forever living products.


5. Mobile Recharge /repair: As our country is most populated in electronics than our original population. So it is better for students who are educated in electronic engineering can earn a good amount of income.


6. Data entry work: Now a days  so many students are using their social media accounts for chatting . So students who want to earn a good amount of pocket money,they can do data entry work in which they can earn 800-1000 Rs per day by working 3-4 hours.


7. Paper work: Students who have a good hand writing and who want to earn a good income they can do paper work by writing novel stories which are provided by multimedia services by a good am ount of income.


8. Content writing: Content writing can give you a good amount if you have a good skills of content creativity. You can earn money by writing content and posting it to the instagram page of dresser who are giving 45rs per page.


9. Photography: Students who can take good photograph and who are interested in photography can take this option as well. Photography gives you a average of 10k-15k per month.


10.Graphic designer: Students can earn a massive income by designing and applying graphics on their customer photos a s well. They can earn 45k-50k per month.


11. Instagram Marketing: Instagram Marketing is a very good aource of bussiness. If you learn courses by paying money in certain platforms You can earn 2k-3k by Instagram Marketing.


12. Instagram: If you had a good following by making instagram reels or posting a good memes, you can earn money by advertising the products or about the profile of the company in your instagram page.


13. Stock Marketing: As 60% of the students in US are earning a good amount by investing stocks. As you can also earn a good amount by investing your savings in your Stock Market by taking guidance.


14.Packing: Many industries or work shops need massive amount of workers for packing their materials . You can also earn by packing the materials by working at home.


15.  Crypto currency: As there are more than 2500 types of crypto currency,the most popular and to earn best income, bitcoin is the best crypto currency to invest.As its value increasing rapidly it is the best crypto currency to invest.




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