Trees Are Our Best Friend, Know the Ultimate Benifits of Trees

When you plant a tree, you plant a life. Trees are one in every of the best blessings for humans from earth. The foremost vital issue one should bear in mind is that trees don’t would like us rather we want them. excluding the uncounted edges they need trees are definitely our greatest friends. they’re friends WHO forever provide us everything while not expecting one issue reciprocally. Trees have familial this earth longer than humans but humans tend to forget this truth. They fail to recognise their significance and still exploit them endlessly for brief term edges. similar to our friends trees additionally are available our use in varied ways that we have a tendency to sometimes share everything with our friends similarly.

Trees are our best friend

The Ultimate benifits of tree:

They furnish us their fruits,  seeds, flowers,  herbs  etc. It’s not possible for human life to perform while not trees as they belong to the class of principal sources of element on earth. 
They are chargeable for protective us underneath their shade. Additional they even facilitate in preventing natural calamities like droughts and floods. additionally to being helpful for humans trees are a home for many birds and animals. They provide shelter to them that ultimately edges humans also  in alternative words trees fulfill the role in each human being’s life. No matter something 
Over Exploitation of Trees 
Despite holding such an excellent significance in our lives humans are over exploiting trees for the longest time. This constant apply will influence be very devastating for the world and human life each as an example the commercial sector is reducing trees chop-chop for attaining raw materials in bulk.
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The world is popping into a concrete  jungle with paying very little or no heed to its dire consequences. thus one should notice these facts and act on them before its gets  too  late.  To add it up as life gets onerous while not our greatest friend constant can happen with the dearth of trees too. the smallest amount we are able to do for trees is save them from being prevent. while not trees this planet can transform a desert. 
While varied governments of various countries ar taking measures to conserve them we have a tendency to should make out too singly encourage planting of trees and be a part of campaigns that do constant. build the planet a greener place and shield our greatest friends. 

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