What is health? What cause health issue Steps to live a healthy life

What is health ?

Healthy body is a wealthy body. Health is something that much precious that it has no monetary value and can no valuable matter can ever replace the value of health. A healthy body is a home for happiness, comfort and activeness. Health means that every person should be able to perform any task on there daily basis by there physically or mentally stage with not much of effort.

• Understanding health

Health can be separated into – 

1.Physical health 

2.Mental health

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A healthy person have a healthy body,i.e., free from any physical disabilities or disease. Wellness of mind is also an important factor which decides whether a person is healthy or not. Nowadays mental health is often neglected by people. Mostly, people consider problems like stress, depression etc. very normal.This is a major mistake as one’s mental health is at stake in such cases. Also, interaction with the society also plays an important role in the life of a person. 

• What causes health issues ?

Smart phones, television, vehicles etc. which were invented for the convenience of human by humans are nowadays the basic factors which are affecting human health.People prefer to play games in mobiles, watch television etc. rather than going out to play , exercise and train their body. We are using vehicles like motor cycles and cars in the place of cycles for covering even minor distance and making our body unhealthy

Lack of exercise and stepping out of our homes can be considered a major issue for all types of health problems. How can one socialise if he/she won’t step out of his / her home. This laziness may result in obesity and loneliness. Continuously watching television and spending more time on social media platforms may result in weak eyesight, head ache and many more diseases.This loneliness may also result in dangerous diseases like depression , which if not taken care of, may be very harmful. 

• Steps to live a healthy life 

As stated by every doctor , one must do exercise daily. We can also do yoga which makes our body fit and is also good for concentration. Avoiding our mobiles for some time and playing outdoor games instead of being busy in social media is also very useful. Sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning and breath fresh air Interaction with society teaches us how to handle different types of situations, make friends whom we can rely on and many more. Sharing your problems with others may feel good. Eat healthy food and fresh fruits daily. Junk food not only is a waste of money, but also a destroyer of health. Avoid junk food. Try developing hobbies , make friends and think creative.Travelling to new places can make your mind fresh and a step towards a different way of life to experience. Start your new routine by following all these steps to live a healthy and joyful life.

It’s always our choice. Choose wisely what is important for your body .

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