Flight or Invisibility? Would you rather be able to fly, be invisible, or read minds?

One of my son’s favorite TV stations recently conducted a survey with children. They wanted to know which superpower children would prefer to have: flying or being invisible.

It seemed like a simple decision to fly.
First, flying offers more freedom, adventure, and fun. Imagine being able go anywhere you want without having to worry about traffic, road conditions or gas money.

Although being invisible can open up a lot of possibilities, it seems so sneaky that it makes me feel uncomfortable just thinking about it.

My son agreed with my decision. He believed flying would be more fun. He is a physically active child who loves to be on the move.

Then, I began to really think about the question. What does our choice reveal about us? I’d love to know why a child chooses invisibility over flying. A child who chooses that option may already feel invisible or wish Motivational Quotes they were. I worry about their self-esteem, security and social interaction.

There are practical considerations, however. Invisibility can serve multiple purposes on a small and large scale.

This question is not new. Public radio station ran a program about superheroes a while back and asked their listeners which power they preferred, flying or invisible.

Overall, men voted to fly while women voted to remain invisible. Why?

Because men wanted to fly their children to school and soccer, and the women wanted to remain invisible so they could listen to what was being said and sit in on conversations. The superpower to help others was not something anyone wanted.

This survey is even worse than the one for children. It’s not surprising. It is not surprising that I am not cynical (except when it comes down to my students’ excuses for failing to do their homework).

However, I am more surprised when I hear of a courageous act of good deed.

If I wanted to become a criminal, being invisible would not serve any real world purpose. It wouldn’t be as cool to be able to read minds as people think.

It’s almost like your brain has multiple layers. The first layer is the one that does unconsciously. Breathing or blinking. The second layer is always thinking.

It’s difficult to follow because it switches rapidly between subjects trying to make sense. You then have the final layer, which is the one you control.

It is “the voice in your head”, like when you are typing or reading. That voice follows you word for word as you write/read.

This layer allows you to think of specific sounds or words. You won’t be able understand the thought process of the person you are “reading” depending on which layer you use.

Or maybe I’m just insane and don’t experience thoughts the same way as I do. Who knows? Finally, flight.

I don’t have to pay anything for a car. I only pay what I can fly. It’s much more comfortable to fly than to walk in hot weather.

Basketball is my favorite sport. Because I can take the best shots, I could be the greatest photographer on the planet.

I wouldn’t have to worry about falling off anything. I could always reach the top shelf. Flying seems to not only be the most practical, but also the best option.

It’s an easy choice.
Flying would be an enjoyable thing to do unaided. There would be many problems, including storms, lightnings, winds, flying debris and people aviating, wildlife.

But, there’s also breathing. At higher altitudes oxygen isn’t enough to resist what could seriously damage your body.

Without a fan or other support, you may not be able determine the direction of your movement. You may be able to control your weight and not have them be a problem.

If you do go into space or orbit, be sure you have enough insulation from heat and lightning. Perhaps.

But how invisible? Are my clothes invisible? Sometimes it’s cold out. Do they make everything inside invisible? It could be a car, bicycle, bicycle, or airplane.

What if it were to disappear from my home?
Would it become invisible if I mine into the Earth?
These are the things I would consider.
Would I become visible or remain invisible?

I would be hard to find, but bugs and other creatures might. They would look ghostly if they were eaten by other creatures. This would be a disaster.

I wouldn’t mind if I had a heat signature, but I don’t have any warm blood traits. It could be that invisible might be electromagnetically in all spectrums.

It is not clear how the pros and cons of this would balance out.

Mind reading. It would be possible to target the thought or filter it in some way. This depends on your behavior. It would be migraine-inducing if you couldn’t.

It would be so if the woodpecker didn’t sighe… Holes. Or, I suppose. Or, you could be content with any of the thirds. I can read minds but cannot fly or be invisible.

I could fly but not mind-reading or invisibility. Invisible, same deal. If that was an option, I would choose it.

Otherwise, I’d probably keep mind-reading to a minimum except for certain occasions. It’s likely that if I had to pick one, it would be the one that was most enjoyable.

This sounds like it could backfire, so I would really appreciate more information.

This question may seem superficial, like Barbara Walter’s “If You Could Be an Animal, What Would You Be?” type of question, but it could be the beginning of a deeper conversation. What do you think?

Which would you prefer? Which superpower would your child prefer to have?

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